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NewsFave takes your privacy seriously. Please read the following to learn more about our privacy policy. NewsFave ("NewsFave " or "we" or "us" or “Website” or "site" or "our" or "app" or "webapp") is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We appreciate your use of our websites and mobile sites, apps and related services (collectively known as the "Services," or, each individually, a "Service"). By using NewsFave you agree to abide and bound by this Privacy Policy, which may be modified or updated from time to time. Please read the information below to learn more about our privacy policy guidelines. Since this is a website in progress with continual additions and expansions, and because Internet technologies are constantly evolving, these guidelines are subject to change. Use of NewsFave is also subject to our terms and conditions.

Information NewsFave Collects

You are free to use many of NewsFave ’s products or services without providing personal information. However, in order to use certain NewsFave products or services, or would like to customize certain aspects of NewsFave ’s products or services, you may be required to register with NewsFave When you register with NewsFave , you will be asked to provide certain personal information, including but not limited to your name, your e-mail address, your country, and your language. This information will better enable us to provide NewsFave ’s products and services to you and other users, and will help us improve NewsFave ’s products and services.

NewsFave ’s products and services may also provide the option for end users to voluntarily provide other personal information, generally for the purpose of enabling or enhancing a collective end-user experience. For example, registered users may voluntarily add certain personal information to their user profile, including but not limited to a personal biography, a city or state, a date of birth, a gender, and a profession or category of profession. NewsFave offers users the ability to change this information at any time and as often as necessary by choosing the “edit personal information” option or other similar functionality associated with a registered user’s profile. In addition, registered users of certain NewsFave products or services used in connection with schools or other educational institutions may be asked to, but will not be required to provide other types of information, among which may include, without limitation, a name of an institution, a city, a state, province, or other administrative subdivision, an educational system, a type of institution, a grade level or other level of education, a subject of teaching or education, a name of a teacher, professor, or other educator, classes, courses, quizzes, or lessons previously or presently taught or enrolled in, such as NewsFave Learning Paths, questions or answers in any such classes, courses, or lessons, and grades or scores given or received in any such classes, courses, quizzes, or lessons.

NewsFave also gathers data about the activities of its end-users in relation to the end-user’s use of NewsFave ’s products and services, both individually and collectively. This data includes, but is not limited to, the features of NewsFave products or services that its end users are presently or have in the past accessed, the identity of non-NewsFave products or services that are or have been identified, accessed or made accessible through NewsFave ’s products or services, and website visitor statistics, such as IP addresses, sessions sources, and other data which tracks end-user access to NewsFave ’s products or services. Such data may be sent by your browser or mobile device, and may also include the identity of your browser, mobile device, or operating system. We may analyze this data for the trends and preferences they reveal about our end-users and how our end-users use NewsFave products or services, such as traffic, usage trends, and demographics. Such analysis may be performed with third-party analytics tools. We do not supply any of this data to third parties, except to the extent necessary to perform analysis of such data with third-party analytics tools.

When you access NewsFave ’s products or services using a mobile device, including through a NewsFave mobile application, NewsFave may also have transmitted to it certain unique identification numbers or other identifiers associated with your device or NewsFave ’s mobile application. This may include, for example, a Unique Device Identifier (“UDID”), a Google Ad ID, a Windows Advertising ID, A Unique ID for Advertisers (“IDFA”), a mobile carrier, a device type, model, and manufacturer, a mobile device operating system and version, a phone number, and depending on your mobile device settings, geographic location data such as GPS coordinates. Your mobile operating system may let you opt-out from having certain device identifiers used. You should refer to the instructions provided by your mobile device’s manufacturer; this information is typically available under the “settings” function of your mobile device.

NewsFave ’s Use of Collected Information

Other than as specifically stated herein, the personal information that you supply to NewsFave will not be given, rented, sold, loaned, or otherwise disclosed to any third party outside of NewsFave or its agents unless (1) we have your express permission to do so, or (2) NewsFave has a good faith belief that special circumstances make it reasonably necessary for NewsFave to disclose such information. Such special circumstances include (i) to enforce the NewsFave Terms of Use, (ii) to comply with a subpoena, summons, or other writ or court order in a legal proceeding, (iii) to respond to claims that the rights of third parties are violated by content appearing on NewsFave ’s products or services, and (iv) to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of NewsFave , any of its employees or users, or the public.

NewsFave may use aggregated personal information in order to determine the demographics of our end-users and to distribute statistics or other information about NewsFave and/or its products and services. This aggregate information does not identify specific end-users.

The internet servers that may host NewsFave ’s products and/or services may also record certain non-personal information regarding the users that access those products and/or services as part of their standard operation. Such aggregated non-personal information may be used from time to time by NewsFave for lawful purposes, such as to describe NewsFave and/or its products and services to third parties.

Certain of NewsFave ’s products, services, or features thereof may be offered in connection with a thirdparty partner. In order to provide these products, services, or features thereof, it may be necessary for either you or NewsFave to share your personal information with this third party. If you do not want your information to be shared with that third party, you can choose not to permit such sharing by not using those particular products, services, or features thereof.

NewsFave may also partner with third parties to provide certain limited services, such as customer support, event coordination and management, mailing, and web analytics. These third parties are only permitted access only to information that reasonably necessary for them to provide such limited services, are prohibited from using such information for any purpose other than those limited services, and are required to maintain the confidentiality of any such information which may be personal information.

Please also be aware that third party websites may be accessed or accessible through NewsFave products and services, and that those third-party websites may have their own information collection practices and policies that are not covered by this Privacy Policy. NewsFave is not responsible for information collection practices and policies of any such third-party websites.


NewsFave maintains reasonable administrative, technical and physical procedures to protect any information that may be stored in our servers, which are located in the United States and in other jurisdictions in which NewsFave, its subsidiaries and affiliates maintain facilities. Security safeguards may include, without limitation, data encryption, firewalls, data use and access limitations, and physical access controls. If you have any questions about security, feel free to contact NewsFave at the address listed below.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

A cookie is a small file placed onto your device that enables certain features and functionality. Like most providers of online services, NewsFave uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure its end-users the best possible experience, such as to allow us to recognize you and/or your device on, off, and across NewsFave ’s products and/or services, and to keep any user account you may have safe. The cookies and similar technologies used by NewsFave will generally fall into one of the following categories:

Category Why we use these Cookies

Preferences We may use these cookies to remember your settings and preferences. For example, we may use these cookies to remember your preferred language.

Security We may use these cookies to help identify and prevent security risks. For example, we may use these cookies to store your session information to prevent others from changing your password

Performance We may use these cookies to collect information about how you interact with our services and to help us improve them. For example, we may use these cookies to determine if you have interacted with a certain page.

Analytics We may use these cookies to help us improve our services. For example, we can use these cookies to learn more about which features are the most popular with our users.

Advertising We may use these cookies to deliver advertisements, to make them more relevant and meaningful to our end-users, and to track the efficiency of our advertising campaigns

Your browser may provide you with the option to refuse some or all cookies. You may also be able to remove cookies from your browser. For more information about how to manage browser cookies, please follow the instructions provided by your browser.

Common ID Cookie

This site uses cookies and similar tracking technologies such as the Common ID cookie to provide its services. Cookies are important devices for measuring advertising effectiveness and ensuring a robust online advertising industry. The Common ID cookie stores a unique user id in the first party domain and is accessible to our ad partners. This simple ID that can be utilized to improve user matching, especially for delivering ads to iOS and MacOS browsers.

Advertising Privacy Settings

NewsFave uses third party advertisements on NewsFave to support our web site. As a web directory and start page, and as an advertising publisher, you will find various links on our site, including but not limited to sponsored search results and sponsored listings. These sites are owned and maintained by independent companies, over which NewsFave has no control, and who are not covered by this privacy policy. NewsFave is not liable or responsible for the content of these sites, or their collection of information and its use.

Links to other sites

Although NewsFave provides numerous links to web sites, NewsFave has no control over any of the sites we feature anywhere on the site. Featured sites on NewsFave may use cookies of their own or other files on your computer, collect data or solicit personally identifiable information from you. Other sites comply with different rules regarding the use or disclosure of the personally identifiable information submitted to them by users. Please consult the privacy policies and / or statements of the other web sites you visit.

Contact NewsFave

NewsFave takes all concerns about privacy and data usage very seriously. If you have any questions or concerns about the NewsFave Privacy Policy, please contact us at

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