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NewsFave is a product of a need to be up to date with what goes on around the world. We wanted to eliminate the need to use a search engine when looking for the latest news. We started with a few dozens of websites to test the waters, and we liked the idea so much that we had to grow it into what it is today – a news webguide with over 600 links.
During its humble beginnings, NewsFave was supposed to be a fun project that would help us read news efficiently. Soon we realized that we are not the only ones who want to easily check the latest news, so we decided to share our website with the rest of the world. The result of our work is in front of you – the best place for quenching your thirst for news.

  What is NewsFave About is a website that will help you stay up to date with everything that goes around in the world today. It is an easy-to-use website that eliminates the need for a search engine. Every search engine has an algorithm that will show specific websites at the top while moving the other websites to the bottom, or even to the 2nd or 3rd page. That way, you have to waste your time by going through multiple pages until you finally manage to find what you would like to see. Newsfave has only one page, and it is filled with over 600 different links!
We also wanted to make the process of browsing for the latest news a breeze. You don't have to register for an account, you don't need to download an app, you don't have to do anything at all. You can start browsing through the list of over 600 different news sites as soon as you arrive here!
Our final goal was to make the NewsFave website for everyone. We don't list only the websites that we like – we list them all. Our website caters to your news cravings no matter who you are. You can expect to find all of the websites you've gotten used to, plus a few hundreds more.
In short, we want NewsFave to be the place where everyone can find hundreds of news sites in one place.

  Who is NewsFave for? is for everyone who enjoys being informed, but it is also a place for people whose job requires them to be informed. It is a website that people of all walks of life can utilize to make their news-consumption a breeze.
If you are a student who needs to check multiple resources for a paper, NewsFave can help you.
 Perhaps you are a journalist who needs to refer to multiple different news sources; NewsFave is here for you.
You might even be a blogger who loves writing opinion pieces; NewsFave will be your guide.
If you are a pundit, you know how important it is to have multiple sources. You can rest assured that our website will make your work easier.
You could be a YouTube commentator who focuses on the daily news. NewsFave will save you plenty of time.
If you are an average citizen who loves being informed, you are in the right place.
NewsFave is perfect if you want to access over 600 news sites with only one click. It is your new home page for everything news-related.

  NewsFave Features

Everything about NewsFave is created with one word in mind – simplicity. We dislike websites that force us to figure out how they function, and we think that clarity and directness are the main components of an excellent news webguide.
You won't find any flashy animations, videos, or images on this website. Our goal is not to redirect your attention. Our goal is to keep you focused on what you're doing. We want you to see our website for what it is – the news start page.
All of the news sites are sorted alphabetically, which only aids in your search.
We went through many color schemes before finding the one that is the most pleasing to the eyes. We also wanted those who enjoy night-time browsing not to suffer from eye fatigue, which is why we added the Dark Mode. You can check our list of over 600 news sources during the night without putting a strain on your eyes.
We know that we can't find all of the news sites and list them, which is why you can submit a website that you can't find on our list. Bear in mind that this website doesn't cover entertainment, gossip, sports, etc. NewsFave focuses on politics, business, law, and world news.
On the other hand, we realize that you could have a reason why you don't want your site to be on our list. If you want us to remove your website, you can click on the "Remove site" link, and we will remove your website without any questions.
Finally, NewsFave is the largest news site glossary on the Internet. We display over 600 different news sources on the front page, and everyone can access them without any limits like paywalls.

  We Are Open to Suggestions

If you want to see a feature that is missing, or if you have an idea that will make our website a better site, feel free to send us a message. On the other hand, if you have a question, you can rest assured that you can send it to us and we will check it out.
We want to make NewsFave your favorite place when it comes to news, but we can't do it without you. So, if you feel like you can contribute to the growth of the largest news webguide, we are looking forward to reading your message.
In the end, we hope that you will find NewsFave useful and that it will help you with your endeavors.
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